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Whether you are a small business or a company with a long history in lifestyle and fashion industry, we will find a suitable solution for you to grow in foreign markets. I know from experience how difficult it can be to enter a foreign market without knowledge of the language and experience of the local culture and customs.

I have learned in life that nothing is easy, but you can always find an easier way to your destination.

I am not a consultant but I am a partner who will help you find this path and go on it with you.


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My competencies

Market Research

Thanks to years of experience with embassies and agencies, we can find clients together that best suit your product or service. Don't waste time looking for suitable partners. Let me work for you.

Business Development

Establishing long-term relationships with new partners is one of the most difficult things in international trade. I am a person who believes in loyalty and in strong, mutually satisfying relationships. Even so, establishing a relationship with a partner from another culture who speaks another language is not impossible, as evidenced by my experience of establishing B2B relationships in the South and North America, Asia and Oceania.

Economic and Legislative Consultancy

The entry into a new market is associated with differences in the legislative and economic system. Let's find together the easiest way to sell your goods not only at a fair price but also in accordance with the rules and regulations. 

Cooperation process

My testimonials

Barbora was leading business development of Le Valmont Club & Lounge, which I founded. Barbora exceeded my expectations on both internal (towards team members) and external (towards clients) activities. She was particularly skillful in coordinating the team so that team delivers on top priorities. Barbora is a team leader and a team player. On the client side, her eternal smile, positive attitude and upsell capabilities yielded significant revenue upside as well.
Viktor Fischer
Partner at Rockaway
Barbora is great saleswoman, self motivated and hunting for new business, continuously looking for new markets and potential customers. Rarely do you find an employee that contributes so much to the whole organisation culture non only to reach sales targets. Above that her friendly and openminded attitude makes Bara the person, pleasure to work with. She is higly energetic, optimistic and positive person. I should mention her good langauages skills too! I am certain she will become important "part" in any company.
Lenka Jarešová Urbánková
CEO & Chairwoman of the Board of Tonak

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